Hamilton to Cambridge

The route between Hamilton and Cambridge is full of variety! Youll pass through native bat colonies, traverse gullies, cross bridges and elevated boardwalks amidst plenty of civilisation and coffee opportunities!

Hamilton Gardens to Tamahere Village

Distance: 6.5km
Difficulty: Grade 1-2

Highlights: Hammond Park, Bridge over the Mangaonua Gully, Elevated boardwalks

Notes: Dismount section through Hammond Park! Look out for native bats

Access/Parking: Hamilton Gardens

Tamahere Village to Hooker Rd

Distance: 8.5km
Difficulty: Grade 1

Highlights: Tamahere Skate Park and Cafes. Tamahere Country Club Cafe

Notes: This is a  dead flat roadside section alongside quiet country roads.

Access/Parking: Tamahere Village

Hooker Rd to Velodrome to Gaslight Theatre

Distance:  Hooker Rd to Velodrome, 7.5km
Velodrome to Gaslight Theatre, 3.5km
Difficulty: Grade 2-3

Highlights: River views, boardwalks, bridges, picnic stops and the world class Grassroots Trust Velodrome in Cambridge!

Notes: This is the most challenging stretch of Te Awa. Loads of up and downs. Take plenty of water with you and enjoy the views along with the physical challenge!

Access/Parking: Gaslight Theatre, Velodrome

Cambridge CBD On Road Route

Distance: 4km
Difficulty: Grade 2

Highlights: Cambridge! Boutique shops, cracker cafes and restaurants, village green for a breather – definitely take time to mooch around the Home of Champions!

Notes: This short section is all on road, taking you through the vibrant town of Cambridge!